Become a reseller

MTB3D is looking for resellers, especially in Europe. For our resellers we offer two possibilities:

  1. Standard reseller: Attractive reseller prices for all our 3D printing products
  2. Dropship reseller: All the products of MTB3D easily implemented in your webstore via an extensive productfeed. Shipping with your own innvoice and shipping label.

Requirements to become a reseller:

  1. Your company is active in the 3D printing marked
  2. Your company is customer friendly. Service to clients is the number one priority.     

(Additional requirements to become Delta Mammoth Reseller)

  1. Your company has experience in working with 3D printers (Slic3r, build platform levelling, error tracking)     

MTB3D is always interested in cooperating with parties who can improve our organisation. Do you have an good idea, or an interesting cooperationproposal? Please send us a message!